This weekend went by in a blur!  And without detailing out every second of our truly incredible weekend I will say how grateful I am.  In this season ofIMG_3063_Fotor_Collage2 thanks I had so many moments that made me truly reflect on my blessings.  Between safety in travels, meeting inspiring people, reconnecting with family, experiencing the amazing unending love of sweet children, and so much more I can hardly believe that all this happened in one weekend.  It all seems to indescribable.
We ended it with a quick trip to the coast.  The feelings I experienced here returned!  Compiled by the fact that we had our family/dear friends came with us.  We really IMG_3063_Fotor_Collagemarveled at the amazing site.  The fog that draped everything diffused the light so perfectly that we could stand and watch the last minutes of the suns light disappear behind the clouded horizon.  The kids laughed and ran, dug and well. . . . . . got totally covered in sand, as all kids should when they go to the beach.  It was the perfect way to end our weekend, to see the miraculous wonders our Heavenly Father created.  I was left feeling renewed and with confidence that if he could create all this, then I know he has a plan for me.  A Wonderful weekend to say the least!!


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