What a weekend, I don’t think I slept much with all there was to do.  But it was all such a blast how can I say no.  I kicked off the Saturday with a baby celebration for our dear friend Carrie.  My friend Rose invited me to help WP_20131116_006_Fotor_Collageher in throwing this beautiful baby shower.  I couldn’t believe how well it turned out!  With all the lovely pink and white accents it was a beautiful pink inspired morning.  We feasted on lovely mini quiches, fruit, tapioca pudding with raspberries and mint, 4 different varieties of muffins, strawberry infused water, and of course orange juice.  I made some delish sugar cookies, with pink strawberry frosting for the Thank you gift, they were so yummy!  A game with questions about Carries childhood was so fun and neat to hear about what she was little as a little girl.  She hasn’tWP_20131116_013 quite decided on a name so a line of paper baby onesie’s was hung on the door with everyone sharing their girl name ideas for her little one.  Diaper were set on the table for each of us to share our inspiring thoughts with her so when she’s doing an early morning changing she’ll have some encouragement from her friends and family.  It was a lovely little get together and so fun to see all our friend come out to support her in this exciting time.  Perfectly Pink celebration for our friend!

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