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While our little Mr. grew rapidly in the loving care of the Portland NICU we spent as much time as possible at his side, snuggling and watching him grow.  You have to get out of the NICU or it will literally drive you crazy.  The sounds of alarms and the flashing of number and stats across the screen make your brain fritz out.  So wepicFrame (6) took in a few sights of Portland.  The first being the salted Straw a uniquely wonderful ice cream shop!  It was all these crazy inventive flavors and it changes with the seasons.  We were told my the family member to recommended this that during Halloween they even have a bone marrow flavored ice cream, which to his surprise was amazingly good!  The inside is decorated with a very vintage feel.  An employee comes up to you as you wait in line combing the menu and asks if there are any you want to picFrame (7)try.  And then to my delight they bring you back the samples on these lovely little metal spoons.  I love little details like that, kinda fun!  We tried several flavors before we finally settled on snicker doodle and Strawberry Basil and Black pepper.  Yes they were yummy!!  We got our ice cream and admired the ambiance for a bit longer before our attention was drawn to a toy store across the street.  We love toy stores even as adults.  So we perused the fun neighborhood toy store and found a little Portland License plate with our little guys name on in, spelt correctly I might add, but peoples desire to spell his name wrong is another topic all together.  Anyway we thought that it would be fun for him to have a little trinket to hang on his isolate in the NICU and always remind him where he was born.  It was a fun evening discovering some fun little places, Portland is by far one of my favorite places in this world.

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