WP_20140318_13_53_38_ProSo you may all, or may not remember my lovely bouts with my knee (see here and here).  Yes this is the 4th time it has decided to make an unexpected appearance.  Now let me just preface this with there is no injury that causes this, it literally just happens.  Crazy I know but my knee for some reason just cried out for attention though this time it waited a few years.  I found that if I exercise regularly it is better on my knee, though running seems to be the hardest on it.  So with my knee swollen large enough to make fitting into jeans impossible I headed to the Dr for a draining.  The Drs and staff always love my case and every time this happicFramepens 2 or 3 Drs come in and a few PA’s to see how this short gal has a knee so swollen.  They pulled the liquid off and sent it off for testing.  An MRI was scheduled and the following morning.  I laid stone still for 45 minutes in that machine, which gets pretty uncomfortable for the last 20.  Everything was sent off to the lab for evaluation, and again everything comes back clean and healthy.  So there’s the boring and uneventful tale of my evil knee.

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