I have seen tons of the fun string art on pinterest but I’ve never known what to do or what I would have it say.  So I saw something that had 2 states overlapping with all the strings centered on a heart.  This struck home to me. 
We love living in Washington, it’s the garden of Eden here and we couldn’t be happier, it just feels like home and we’ve only been living here for 2 years.  But Utah will always be the place we grew up, where we met and married.  It has so much natural beauty and holds the bulk of our families.  So it is still very special to us.picFrame (9)

So with all the sentimental feeling that the project embodied I set about creating my own, with a little help from My Mr. who stained the board.  I created the state templates and outlined them and My Mr skillfully hammered every nail into place so perfectly!   I was kinda terrible at it, it took me longer to do one line than for his to do both states.   After he finished I started stringing Utah first in what I call a beehive yellow.  There was some trial and error getting the string to look right but eventually I got a rhythm going and Utah was done.  Then it was on to the light green Washington.  This came easier and I love how you can see the divot of the Puget sound on the left.  It turned out great.  It was a fun project and now sits on the mantel as a reminder of our 2 home states.

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