IMG_6485I was lucky to have a lovely cousin who kindly donated her nursery furniture to us!  Not having to spend the money on all those items has been incredibly nice!  But me being well . . . . Me I had to put my own spin on it.  Before I knew of her kind donation I fell in  love with the new style of two tones cribs.  With the head board andPainting Station foot board being a different color then middle.  My cousins crib was a perfect candidate for my crazy updates.  Now of course I kinda convinced My Mr. to do the labor on this for me while Colin and I vacationed in Utah, yes he is an amazing man!  The natural light wood was beautiful and well taken care of, even with 3 kids use, way to go Karen.  So My Mr set about to IMG_6490learning how to properly and safely refinish the crib ends and even created his own painting station in the carport to get the job done well.  And it turned out beautiful!  To surprise me he had it done and set up when we got back from our trip and I thought he had forgotten to do it.  Now we have created something new and modern for us and our little one to enjoy.  I think it goes perfectly with his nursery which has modern hints with the Star Wars poster and the Star Wars mobile My Mr. created for Little Mr.  And the forest wallpaper which I love how relaxing it makes it, I kinda like to think of it as the moon of Endor from Star Wars but really that wasn’t my intention.  I just love mixing modern with a little outdoor touch.  The galaxy inspired sheets, and Grammy’s lovely geometric crib quilt!  Now the crib is a lovely addition to the calm and fun nursery space for our little guy!

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