With My parent in town picFrame (2)and the weather perfect for spring we bundled up and headed north to enjoy the visual color explosions that only the Skagit Tulip festival and give!
I think they had even a few new varieties of tulips that I just fell in love with.  Someday I want at least a whole flower bed full of tulips.  My parents were in complete awe of all the varieties and
they have even been to Holland to see the fields in bloom there.  So it was nice that our little slice of Deutschland here was giving us the WP_20140423_163same enjoyment as over seas.  After a couple hours of tulip after tulip my father said he was OVERLOADED and sat down to people watch on a bench nestled in the tulip display garden.  We finished up with MY Mr. helping me to get the perfect shot by holding my bag to keep me balanced.  Then all of a sudden I realized I was becoming the spectacle with people taking photos of us.  I was embarrassed and hurried up my shots.  But regardless of that it was A totally colorful day!

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