IMG_5496We are lucky in the past few months to get to share some of our favorite places and experiences with our family.  This location and activity being one of My Mr. and mine favorites.  We headed North to Deception pass for the first time this year to enjoy and harvest the wonderful crab bounty.  We bought my GREENHORN parents along for the experience.  My DadIMG_5488 being an avid eater of crab wanted in on the action of our local
Dungeness crabbing.  And we all had a ball, setting out early to set pots.  The time was low and perfect!  We then quickly set to trying our hand at a new species of clam, much harder to find than the razor clams that have a specific season here in Washington.  But by the end and with all his digging, even with the picFrame (8)little Mr. on his back until I couldn’t handle his being jostled about anymore.  My Mr. became pretty proficient at finding them though through all his trial and error.  Then we enjoyed the local scenery and headed in to enjoy the traditional milk shake in Anacortes, yummy.  Then we headed back to check the bounty.  Dad going to the first 3 pots, and Mom to the final 3.  Finding a total of 7 crabs not bad for a quick soak.  Then home again, home again. to eat and sleep.  What a day on the Sea!

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