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Well we didn’t quite get ourpicFrame (7) crabbing fix that we went back for more.  This time with close friends the Schiels, who you may remember from this post last year.  This year was particularly poignant as it mark little Mr’s first camping trip.  It was a fantastic trip, even with the crab not being quiet as gullible as before we still made a decent haul.  But more importantly is the enjoyment of the WP_20140717_006 (2)company and the amazing ocean views.  Watching My Mr. suggest crazy log flopping to the boys and dousing us all with water in the process!  There is something so enriching here as you glide out on the water in our lovely orange canoe.  And of course a quickfotor_WP_20140717_002 pop into town for a little milkshake tradition, so lucky to get 2 of these in a short period.  The evenings spent around the fire talking, singing and yes eating!  Lovely memories that I look forward to every year.  Back to our mansion tent that Kirie referred to as the Harry Potter tent, WP_20140718_002to snuggle with little Mr and feed him by my head lamps red light, so it didn’t hurt his eyes.  I really love that shot of him and me a wonderful memory.  He was such a wonderful little camper, he seemed to be content just looking up at the tall lodge pole pines and staring in amazement at the fire!  He’s going to be a good camper just like Dad!  Before we knew it the 3 days were over and we headed home.  A bitter sweet moment as always for me.  I look forward to next year and the new memories.

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