Have you sleep trained your baby?  Well we have just recently survived this harrowing experience.  I was nervous but after all the travels of the summer and the company had headed home we knew it was time to give our little Mr. some stability and routine.  And though selfish it may seem we needed some Mr and Mrs time without having to juggle our little Mr around.  I began reading about routines and how to help my little one develop and I read about sleep training. The end result being you put your baby to bed at 8PM and he/she happily coo’s and calms themselves into slumber.  This does require a bed time routine/ritual to help them know “hey it’s time to wind down for the day.”  I read this blog from another successful survivor and was strengthened by the fact that this routine would help our little Mr and help us to get to sleep a full, dare I say it 8-12 hours depending on your baby.  I hadn’t gotten that kind of sleep in well 7 months!  The other benefit of this training is that your little one learns if they wake in the night how to sooth themselves so you aren’t needing to get up and re-rock them or sing them or walk them.  Which is really healthy I think.  With our little guy being 7 months and a sturdy healthy boy My Mr and I read up, prepped ourselves and jumped in.  

(This is something I think is essential, research.  Obviously we are a bit of a technical family I mean I am married to an engineer, and even though I am highly right brained this plan really helps curb my crazy! And give this new mom and dad a fighting chance to figure out what might work for our little guy.   Alright so there’s my little shpiel on why we are crazy parent researchers, thanks for humoring me!)   

I would like to say how grateful I was that My Mr took some time to be my rock with this and helped every step of the way, either by phone or in person in my rough moments, Thank heavens for working from home!  The first week I was biting my nails as my baby cried in the next room, my eyes fixed on our video baby monitor.  It’s hard not wanting to rush in a comfort, but I knew this was an important step.  Though painful for me!  Now a month in our little guy sleepily goes down to bed with no problems and sleeps through the night!  With the occasional wake up a couple times a week but he calms himself within a few second and back to slumber town!  Now our little Mr. goes to bed at 8PM and sleeps until 7AM!  It’s awesome!  Naps are doing pretty well too, though afternoon can be a bit harder but all around it’s amazing!

Our lives have been changed by this amazing sleep, and the little bit of quite evening time alone together.  And really above all My little Mr is getting the well needed rest his sweet little body needs to be healthy and strong, combatting any illnesses that may come his way.  Good sleep is essential to adults but even more so for little ones as there little minds are learning and developing so much during the day that they really need that time to rest.  So we survived it, and though we are still a work in progress to have the successes that we have had only makes us push forward!  So we survived and so did he!  Sleep for All in the Fowie Household!

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  1. Congratulations! That’s a big one and definitely in everyone’s best interest. Great job researching and sticking to it! Enjoy your new stage in life!

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