Pic_c2350eb9-71f7-4c09-8228-aa0d622dabce_jpgWith a vacation on the horizon and family to see in Utah we hit to skies for our little Mr’s first flight!  We made it through the madness of security, and believe me with a baby and a dog we took a little while to pack all our stuff on the X-ray scanner.  I could see the people behind us look and our line and the other 2 and quickly move to one of those.  Luckily the line was minimal and we weren’t inconveniencing anyone.  The security people were really nice and didn’t even mind our little 3 ring circus, commenting on how cute our little boy was and our puppy.  We made it to the gate in plenty of time and boarded the plane.  Being the crazy plannerfotor_(4) (1) I am I researched all the mommy blog posts I could in regards to flying with infants and I felt prepared for the worst.  But the flight was practically empty and Little Mr’s car seat got it’s own position next to the window.  We took off to the screams of another baby seated further towards the back.  I felt so bad for them and the little one, it must we scary.  Little Mr. on the other hand sat happily on my lap gumming a toy then within 20 minutes he was out of the count and happily sleeping in his car seat.  We prepared for landing and gave him a couple of ounces of his bottle to help with the pressure in his ears (a mommy blog recommendation).  He slept through the landing, unloading, and baggage claim.  Only waking up on the ride to Grandma’s house.  So even with all my preparations our little Mr rocked his first flight!  Now we can fly with our family like a couple of PRO’s!

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