A special thanks to all who have kept us in there minds during the last few years and helped get our name out there to adopt.  We are hugely blessed to have our beautiful little boy. 

Adoption doesn’t end here!  Our little Mr. is going to need a sibling in the future and so we are still in need of your thoughts and support.  It took 4 years to find this special addition to our family.  Adoptions are at an all time low, it is getting increasingly hard to expand a family through adoption.  So your lovely references and thoughts can be a huge help to us.  Little Mr.’s incredible birthmother was referred to us by a family friend.  You may think that the agencies find adoption opportunities to create our family, but it just isn’t so anymore.  Adoptions are more often done just as ours was through referrals.  Which I really believe to be the most divine way of helping adoptive families expand.  It increases the love and helps reassure families and birth mothers that this is God’s plan for them, and your assistance can help increase that testimony.  So please don’t forget about us!  We love and appreciate all you have done, your prayers have been felt and we have shed many tears in realizing how much we are loved.  Thank you!  

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