WP_20140628_13_46_05_ProThis July my Grandmother passed away.  She had lived a long life living practically until she turn 90.  She was the matriarch of our family; a talented healer, incredibly strong willed, and an amazing craftsmen of handwork.  I was grateful she shared her love of embroidery with me, among other talents, I was able to learn from the best.   It is the closing of another chapter for me but I am thankful that the month before she passed I got to have some quite moments with her and My son.  It was special and some happy tears were shed and kisses given to our sweet little boy, one of her newest great-grand children.  We shot a photo of the 4 generations, My Father, Myself, My Son and My Grandmother.  A lovely memory.  Our last day together was a beautiful summer afternoon, as she lovingly held little Mr for the last time.  I say a temporary farewell to her and thank her for the wonderful memories we have shared for the past 30 years.  

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