rainOur lovely, cool and rainy Seattle returned over the past few days.  I was delighted!  Most people look for the sunny days in the forecast, but not me, I look for the rain!  We have had so many HOT, CRAZY HOT days as of late and it makes me crazy!  I lived in the desert for most of my life, I got my fill of hot, heat sucking days with no end.  The lovely cloud filled skies of the Northwest were created for me I think!  As a girl I would pray for rain on my birthday, I so belong here right?!  Those grey skies create the most amazing sunsets with their purple and blue hues it brightens the soul.  As the rain poured down I giggled with giddiness to My Mr.  “It’s back, It’s back!”  I cheered!  I even stepped out in it to take some photos and enjoy the cool drops as it drenched the brown lawn, it really needs the rain!  The forecast has sadly said that the incessant heat will return though in the coming days and my lonely rain with abate.   Makes me sad, I’m ready for my rain to return and the Fantastic Fall to begin.  Let’s hope the rain will return and we can enjoy the cool crisp air that is accompanied by these lovely fall days.  Rain, Rain come and stay, Seattle loves it anyway!  

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