WP_20140822_16_56_20_ProWith our goal of trying to help Colin to enjoy diverse ethnic foods from a young age we took him to our favorite sushi place.  He loved to look around and watch the spinning conveyer belt.  He even nibbled/choked on bits of rice, still working on the chunky foods and swallowing.  I hope that taking him to restaurants from a young age will also teach him proper restaurant behavior, that my parents taught us.  In a recent relief society lesson about raising children the sisters from older generations commented on how unruly and misbehaved so many children are at restaurants, and how they never let their children behave that way.  It made my desire for proper restaurant behavior strengthened as I don’t want to cause other diners unpleasantness and makes it easier for everyone, Including us to enjoy the meal. So with our fun evening hopefully we are beginning some basic enjoyment and manners, and we get to eat the amazing foods we love too!

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