With the last summer evening hanging on into the the early throws of September we made use of what’s left of the warm evenings by attending a lovely German dinner, hosted by an amazing couple from our ward. (Thank you John and Giesla)  Our ward has a fundraising auction every year and one of the top billings is a German dinner, our hostess is a native German and speaks is beautifully, on top of her amazingly good food.  We diner outside withpicFrame (21) other winners of the auction and it was lovely with candle light, beautiful hydrangeas, and sparkling cider.  Place cards seated us separately from our spouses, which was fun as you got a chance to talk with others you don’t normally have the chance to.  Next to each place card was a rolled up pieces of paper with a question or fact about Germany for some interesting table conversation.  A fun game that the Humphreys introduced toys a couple years ago was a perfect dinner party diversion. Conversation lasted into the early twilight, the beautifully it table was still so inviting, making it hard to leave.  The evening ended with some delicious cake and we said ado to our lovely dinner mates.  A perfect way to spend an end of summer night.


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