I fell in love with modern cuckoo clocks for Little Mr’s room.  I grew up with a German cuckoo clock in our house, the only down side being the annoying bird!  I’m not a fan of working cuckoo clocks because honestly I find them noisy and after the second time that cooing bird makes his appearance the charm of him popping out is OVER and I’mWP_20140910_22_23_44_Pro ready to rip it off the wall.  Which is why in my house growing up we eventually stopped the ticking all together and it just became decorative.  So a modern clock with a decorative, and entirely UNFUNCTIONAL cuckoo would work for us.  After a little research I came to the realization that they are pricy!!  And $200+ for a clock was just not in the budget.  I asked My Mr. if he thought it would be possible to make our own?  (he’s just so handy he is always up for a picFrame (16)challenge)  The lines were simple and we could probably jig saw it if needs be.  After showing My Mr some examples and his driving force being the ridiculous costs of such simple clocks he was in!  We began a cad design deciding to use a laser cutter to make the cuts more precise.   So we designed it and set about making our little clock.  In no time we had the pieces stained to enhance the natural wood and use white to accent the roof and number lines on the face.  The pendulum is made with cut acrylic as to not distract from the clock itself but in cooperating the natural wood at the bottom circle.  That really turned out lovely!   The little, happy, blue decorative bird sits quietly perched in his hole keeping a peaceful watch over our little Mr.  The perfect cuckoo clock for us, without the cuckoo!

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