IMG_6742I have forever been planning the first Halloween with our child.  So this year I was so excited I had our costumes completed before September was over, yes I’m a nut and over preparer.  Regardless I knew that we had to be something STAR WARS, obviously.  But the issue is well . . . . . Leia.  So the metal bikini was out right off the bat.picFrame (18)  And the white dress and ear buns is well so over done I really didn’t want to have to resort to that.  And then it came to me, the strong, blaster wielding, forest racing,  “I Love you, I know” Leia from “RETURN OF THE JEDI!”  It was perfect and of course it made perfect sense that my little V__229BMr. would go as Wickett the always adorable ewok who steals Leia’s heart!  My Mr. would round out our costumes with his dashing Han Solo costume, blaster in tow.  I prepped our costumes by painting my poncho out of drop cloth canvas (while little Mr. took his naps).  Little Mr’s bear costume came in simply the wrong color brown so I got some dye, boiled it in a pot, making it the lovely brown it is, my Mom contributed to our Halloween cause and found some amazing fabric to make his head covering, and we dyed it orange and frayed the edges for the perfect effect.  My Mr’s black vest was refurbished from a black long sleeve shirt with the sleeves cut off and stripspicFrame (17) added to make it look more utility.  On the day of the Halloween party I spent forever learning how to Dutch braid my hair to get the perfect Leia look, I will never braid like this again it was insanely hard to do on myself.  And regardless of my lovely knee brace the costume still worked out pretty well.  It all turned out great and was the perfect first Halloween costumes for our family.

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