So after my knee surgery I was so grateful for a loving Mr. who took the time to take care of me after and support me in the week following the surgery.  I wanted to do something to say thank you, but no gift really seemed right, nor would he want me to spend money on him.  SO my options were limited.  Then it came to me, a pie!  My Mr. is an avid pie lover, it was kinda his families thing.  It was not my families thing, unless you count a traditional pumpkin and jello chocolate pudding as “our thing.”  I guess we just weren’t really pie people, but My Mr REALLY IS.  He commented one day how it was pie season and how he was craving one.  Now to me the word pie means “time consuming” and with little Mr. around  “time consuming” can be reallypicFrame (19) difficult with a teething baby.  But the stars aligned and one miraculous Friday I was able to make a beautiful Pecan Pie for My Mr.  It’s kinda his favorite pie so I researched a recipe, asked a pie crust genius (thanks Meri) for a novice crust recipe and WahLaaaaaA!  My beautiful pie came our of the oven looking and smelling incredible! 

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