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With my evil knee swelling, yet again, I sought yet another second or maybe 3rd opinion.  The new Dr drained the knee and told me to come back in if it swelled again.  With in 12 hours we were back where we started and prepping to schedule a scope (arthroscopy).  They bumped up theV__6962 surgery to ensure that there was still swelling on the knee to help track down the issue.  I for one hate being put under, I inevitably get so nauseated from the pain killers or the remnants of anesthesia.  But we knew it was the best option in solving this ongoing problem, this was the next step.  So we arrived and went through the general check in and prep process.  My Mr. was cool as a cucumber not even worried, I was anxious due to the aforementioned results and the uncertainty of my knee’s state when I would get out.  But he tried with all his might to keep me positive and distracted.  The Dr. would go in and take a look, clean out the fluid V__363Fand anything else that may come along and biopsy the tissue an another fail safe to figuring out my condition.  Eventually the nurse came, like the grim reaper, she was very nice actually, but her presence meant that I would make the walk down the hall to my fate under my own will power, and consent.  And  I thought, “your crazy, why are you doing this.”  They were prepping the room for my little nap as I walked in.  Laid me down and I believe the last words I said were, “oh it’s getting a little fuzzy.”  Next thing I know I’m in recovery.  I did pretty well while at the clinic then as I left and My Mr drove me home the nausea commenced, and increased as I made the short walk to our bedroom.  The next hours were not the most pleasant so I will spare you the play by play.   The weeks that have followed have been hard, and nothing I was at all prepared for.  The pain and lack or mobility, having to crawl my toes across the floor as I slid to the restroom, the pain surged up my thigh and down to my ankle.  My sweet nurse of a husband took great care of me and the boy.  PaxtonWP_20141024_005 cuddled by my side, as I elevated and iced.  And sweet ward member brought food or stopped by with treats to help my spirits, my love and appreciation goes out to them.  The recovery has been slow, the bruising has been really colorful and spotted from upper thigh to my ankle, don’t worry I won’t post photos of those, even I think they’re disturbing!  Each day I spend at least 30 minutes on a bike trainer trying to get my knee strength back, and each day when I get WP_20141112_002up I hope that the swelling will be gone, not quite the case . . . . yet, but I’m trying to remain positive I’m making great strides and the mobility and bend is much better.  So I’m on my way, however slowly, my patience is surly being tested and I’m persevering.  I’m optimistic that I’m on the mend!

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