WP_20141024_011With the business of the summer flowing into the autumn days we have been really reluctant this year to bottle.  But with bountiful baskets offering pears I jumped at the opportunity.  In general I’m not really a bottled fruit fan, I guess I prefer it fresh and having grown up on bottled fruit maybe I got a little sick of it.  Whatever the case I have little motivation to bottle it.  With the exception of Pears.  I love them!  My parents have a beautiful pear tree in their back yard, my father really looks after it and prunes it to ensure a lovely, well kept shape and optimal pear production.   So it produces quite a few pears along with being a beautiful tree.  So I think that’s where my pear love comes from.  Speaking of which I’m going to stop writing this post for a moment and got open a bottle to eat while I write! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok, back to or pears, they came individually wrapped in green wax paper (fancy), which made me feel like I was opening presents!  I love the red color of these pears, screams fall don’t you think?  I felt bad removing the skin but scarifies must be made.  So we pealed and cored and filled and sealed and it was done.  Now we have a nice little stash of pears to enjoy for the rest of the year, if we can ration them that long.picFrame (20)

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