AdobePhotoshopExpress_71a0383acd0b4e81976316e43d98a697Little Mr. received a special package at the beginning of October.  He crawled over to the box and began hitting it.  Special Thanks to Uncle BYU who made the package possible.  We waited for DaddyWP_20141008_002 to get home to share in the fun.  They opened the box to see newspaper, lots of newspaper.  My Mr’s were persistent though and continued to dig finally finding a cute little pumpkin and some Halloween candy.  An a note from Grandma F. saying that they grew pumpkins in their garden and had enough for each grand child and so here was little Mr.’s  It was then Uncle BYU who thoughtfully mailed it for him to happily lick, drool and nibble on.  Perfect way to start October.

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