In this season of Thanksgiving I share my feelings of gratitude as I reflect back on this time last year. 

This week marks the one year anniversary of the greatest news we have ever received.  Our wonderful birth mother called us and told us that she had chosen us to adopt her baby.  I remember next to nothing about this day except that incredible call.  The gratitude and love I have for this amazing woman and her wonderful husband are beyond words.  They are like family to us, she has in the year since Little Mr.s birth become the little sister that My Mr and I never had.  We share a love so deep that the feelings and words of this world cannot describe it.  We are bound by something so much deeper then blood and greater than love.  It is indescribable to me.  As I have had time recently to reflect on the place I was in last year I am even more grateful and can see how my Heavenly Father was gently preparing me.  I was involved in the practice of regular personal and family prayer, my scripture study was meaningful, I was in a job where I was able to share the Gospel and dispel rumors which was gratifying to me.  At this same time a beautiful young woman was doing the same, preparing herself spiritually and making one of the biggest decisions of her life.  We were all in the right place, we are all doing the right things.   After all the talks, lessons and scriptures that over the years have been repeatedly testified to me of these principles I can now testify for myself of it’s truthfulness of these teachings.  We have seen how doing those small and simple things in our lives prepare us to receive, recognize and appreciate the gifts our Heavenly Father gives.  They have blessed our life in immeasurable ways. 

Now we look forward to the future, so incredibly grateful for all that we have been given; our son, his birth parents and their amazing supportive families, and the creation of our Forever Family.  The blessings of this world are real and I am grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have that makes them all that much sweeter.  I love you Kayla & Zach.


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