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So with my fear of pie making behind me I set out to make a few pies for Thanksgiving.  2 double layered chocolate Oreo pies.  A key lime because who doesn’t like a little tang.  Then came the last 2 a chocolate pecan, which is based off this recipe, but instead I left out the pretzels entirely, they remind me too much of the pretzel raspberrypicFrame (26) desert, which is really yummy but the pecans add enough crunch I think.  I also melted the chocolate and added it to the filling before I added the pecans at the end, making the filling more chocolaty gooey.  And then a peanut butter pie with chocolate graham cracker crust.  I referenced a few different pie recipes and pulled all the ingredients that sounded good to me and made a peanut concoction of delicious goodness.  Brushed the top with leftover chocolate and it turned out not only pretty but creamy, smooth, and yummy.  They will be perfect for our Thanksgiving breakfast, yes that’s right we want to make sure we have plenty of room for pie so we eat those first thing Thanksgiving morning!  A fun tradition that was shared with us and we decided to add it to our family.  Everything turned out wonderfully, Thanksgiving pies we’re a success

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