It’s been a year: one year since the birth of our amazing miracle baby.  His birth, weighing in at a huge 3lb 13oz, was miraculous and I use that word with real thought and depth of feeling.  It wasn’tWP_20131220_005 happenstance that he came to us, and the people who were part of that amazing process were surely guided by the hand of a loving thoughtful Heavenly Father.  As I look back and remember the steps along the road to his adoption, and the steps since, I know that they testify of the divinity of our loving God who watches over all.  Even in our times of loss or pain, of which there were many, even those testify of His grace.  He molded us into the people we are now to help us to truly appreciate the miracle of our Little Mr.  The past year has taught me about love: the kind that looks beyond this life and into the next.  Without this little angel that I am so lucky to call mine, I would not have had the blessing of feeling that, of experiencing that.  So while yesterday marked a year of his life, that day also signifies so much more, as it continues to remind me and stand as yet another example of my Savior’s love.  What a wonderful reminder I will have for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday, My Little Mr, you have given us such immeasurable joy.


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