WP_20141128_0032While we prefer our lovely fake tree and balsam smelling candle for our house.  This stems from a couple bad Christmas’s with needle messes and a bunt up vacuum.  And it doesn’t help that at our house we track in plenty of needles from the MANY pines that live and shed all over our house, allowing us to track them in without the addition of a tree.  But I digress.  picFrame (27)

We were lucky enough to get to Join our friends on their hunt to find and cut down their tree.  And yes I will take credit for finding the perfect one for their house.  It was a fun little outing and we braved the rainy, downpour.  Little Mr. took a nap on the ride out so we WP_20141128_0023bundled hip up and put him under dads rain coat to stay cozy until he eventually woke hearing all the excitement.  We picked it and then had the owner come and cut it down for us.  We watched and then I took Alvin and showed him how to could the rings of the tree to see how oldpicFrame (28) it was.  We carefully counted 17 rings and Alvin delighted in knowing his trees age.  We hauled it down to a machine that shook off the old pin needle and spiders from it’s branches.  That was really interesting I had never seen that before.  We paid the huge sum of $15, awesome deal right?!  Tied to the roof and home we went to find it’s final corner.  I’m sure we will have to do this someday with our Little Mr. so maybe we’ll get a cute little table top tree when we do it!  Less needles to clean up if we get a small one!  Thanks to my dearest Clines, our family, for giving us another fun memory!


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