I love decorating for ChristmasWP_20131127_001 but I have for years I haven’t be able think of what to do with my tree skirt.  I have this cheap velvet skirt that well is nice but it’s just kinda boring.  So I have kinda been on the hunt this year for something new.  You won’t believe the costs of some of the tree skirts out there!  I saw one for $900 dollars, it was beautiful but really $900 dollars, it blew my mind.  picFrame (29)Undaunted I continued my search.  I came upon these at Crate and Barrel last year, their called tree collars, which is something I never heard of before.  I really liked the clean lines, no messy fabric to gather dust and it made the tree look like it was freshly cut from the forest.  But still, the price was a little high for me.  I showed My Mr and without a second glance he said, in his heroic voice, “we can make that”.  So off we went to the local hardware store!  We found a lovely,picFrame (30) large, galvanized pail for $20.  My Mr bore a hole through the center we were set, slipped the tree through the hole and TAAA DAAHH!  It looks so nice and really like we went out and cut it and plopped it in a pail of water.  I just love looking at our tree with it’s fancy new base and I can always paint it or add some fabric to it and give it a new look, Gosh it’s just amazing!  Merry Christmas to our Tree!

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