WP_20131225_036While last Christmas was a great time of joy as we welcomed our little Mr, it was also one that we felt a little alone.  Our amazing friends the Clines who we lived with while little Mr. grew, had left to spend Christmas with family and we were alone in their house.  As we watched our little one go through the ups and downs of NICU growth, the stress can be overwhelming and we found ourselves lonely in a city we didn’t live in and had no family.  We thought of the gathering and the parties going on back in Utah and while nothing compares to being near your child, the stress of your new situation can make you feel what I would call family sick (homesick).  Missing the support and presence of those who can help buoy you up and give a hug in a time of need.  There is nothing like family.  But we were grateful for our little miracle and I made plans to celebrate with our little one and keep a few of our traditions alive.  I didn’t however feel that My Mr. was going into it with the same vigor as me.  He kept delaying theWP_20131224_007 food buying for our traditional Christmas eve dinner, or getting traditional items to make our unconventional Christmas a little more homey.  I reluctantly thought this must just be stressful for him.  But I was wrong, he had something up his sleeve!  As the days leading up to Christmas neared I was getting irritated with his lack of urgency, and feeling more family sick.  When one night or I should say morning, I got a phone call at 4 AM, as a NICU mom I went into full panic mode as I jolted, drowsily up and looked at my phone.  I confusedly saw my Dads name.  He told me he had sent a package and that it should be there now, and to go to the door.  I was so confused, I stumbled to the front door of our friends home and looked out at a confusing sight.  A bright optical Christmas tree perched upon my parents car.  I dashed to the car falling into the arms of my Dad, tears welled up in my eyes as we WP_20131225_037embraced.  They had come to us.  My parents had left immediately after a party they hosted at their home, packed up, and drove all night with our family’s traditional food and so much more.  They literally brought all my Christmas desires to us.  My heart was full, they didn’t want us to be alone, it was an act of love that I will never forget.  As we all gathered around the little isolette that contained our sleeping baby, and my parents took turns holding their newest grandchild it became a Christmas that I will never forget.  Thank you Mom & Dad, I can never tell you what that meant to me.

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One thought on “A Memorable Christmas

  1. Oh, Cheryl!! This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful Christmas this was!! Love you and your family.

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