IMG_9468With My Mr. And myself not being the strongest swimmers we made the commitment that when we had kids swim lessons from a young age would be required, we don’t want pass on our water deficiencies.  So little Mr. began his first swimming lessons and some lovely photo of me in a required swim cap which I think really captures the full beauty of my noggin.   But enough with my vanity.  He learned the first rule of swimming class.  Sitting patient at the edge of the pool until mom says he can get in, he did it flawlessly!  Once in the water he was a little tentative but eventually he treated it like a massive bath tub! (which he loves)  He would even try to get me to release him to be on his own, quicklyIMG_9460 learning that it was much deeper than his tub and letting mom help him was probably for the best.  Now we are a few weeks in and little Mr is a complete pro!  He loves the water and can go under water with ease.  He’s so tough!  He’s now our little fish and I’m sure he will be wanting to continue his swimming lessons from here on, I’m going to be a very tired, and happy Mommy with my busy little Mr!

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