WP_20150312_001As December came to a close My Mr and I felt an urgency to begin looking for a home.  We had tried to find a place close to where we currently live, we loved our ward family there.  It became evident that it was going to be impossible to stay.  So we expanded our view and looked elsewhere, or everywhere!  Then on a trip back home after ANOTHER house tour we drove through a small town that caught our attention.  We both immediately felt impressed to look in that town. Several offers made and we were constantly outbid, we were getting a little discouraged.  While our search continued I had overlooked a house due to its foreclosure  status, those tend to be messy.  But My Mr encouraged me that we should go take a a look. So on a cold February day we pulled up to “the cottage” as I call it.  We were seeing it on the day it was listed at 9 am and there were already 15 realtor cards on theWP_20150312_007 table, a sure bet that this was bound to be a war.  We decided to go for it anyway and put in our best offer.  Then the wait began as the foreclosure process is often lengthy.  But on a Friday we got the news, it was going to be ours!  More paperwork ensued over the next month, we went on our cruise to get away from the crazy we had willingly embroiled ourselves in.  When we returned from our trip all was in order and we walked into the title company to sign.  It was hard on little Mr too, playing with toys, while we signed away our lives.  And then it was done.  It amazes me that in all the homes we have ever lived our decisions are made specifically on impressions, promptings.  And with no research into the areas or people, schools or wards.  We launch head first into them, with complete faith that we will end up where we are meant to be and in this we have gained a great testimony of our Heavenly Father’s time and way for each of us.  He has and continues to lead us where we are meant to be and we have been the recipients on his loving, guiding hand.


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