Well it has been a few years since we packed up with our Friends and hit the open seas.  With the past few years filled with moves and baby additions it has put our cruise schedule a little behind and we all craved the sandy beaches.  Now many may ask, “Isn’t a cruise boring?”  Yes, you’re on a boat, but let me just give you a few tips to cruise correctly and hopefully give you a better opinion:Collage-1

  1. Go with a group or another couple – not that you don’t love your spouse, but for some reason laughing with a group and going on adventures is a lot more fun.  Also Karaoke is way better to watch and participate in if you have a cheering squad!
  2. Pre-plan activities.  You stop at different ports every day so you get to experience a lot of local sights and adventures like these and the ones that will follow this post.  So it’s not just sitting on a boat all the time.Collage-2
  3. Food, enough said.  Free food, lots of it, and lots of amazing dishes.  Every night you get a fancy three course meal with amazing culinary specialties to test and try.  (Big hint: you can order more than one of each course every meal!  One night we ordered 10 entrees between the four of us!)Collage-14
  4. The few days at sea that you do have are filled with a fun itinerary of activities, like rock climbing, wake boarding and surfing on the flowrider, trivia games, swimming in your choice of 3 pools, jacuzzi-ing, oh and if you want to sit and bask in the sunshine, relaxing while reading a book you have been wanting to read you can just do that too.
  5. Talk to people.  Random people.  Strike up a convo with anyone.  Even a quick elevator ride can introduce you to some fun people from all over the world.  Special shout out to Ben and Marissa who we met on our last cruise as our dinner buddies, they are really fun people.  We had a great night of dancing with them!

So if you have been a on cruise and neglected any of these few items then you have a reason to go again.  And if you haven’t been cruising, come with us next time!  Here are a few shots of our days and events on the boat.  Following posts will show you our days off the boat!

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