We have been to Labadee Haiti before. WP_20150303_007_Fotor_Collage It is a Royal Caribbean owned dock and it is gated off form the rest of Haiti, so this is really a beach day.  There are other activities that you can participate in, like the crazy Dragons breath zip-line, but we took the chance to have this be a relaxed day on the beach to prep for the following days.  We started the day with Yoga on the beach.  While not an incredibly exciting activity, it was a blast.  I loved looking out at the ocean waves as I move into warrior pose.  The looking upward in reverse warrior into the canopy of palm trees was so relaxing.  While sand can be a problem I was able to keep it off my towel during the session and just enjoy the movements and sequences.  The 4 of us had an amazing stretch, which was well needed after a full day of flying in cramped seats.  

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