This was our first time to Jamaica and so after investigating our options we decided to spend our time enjoying one of the newer and less tourist-soaked sights call the “blue hole.”  Beautiful cascading waterfalls, and cliff diving into turquoise pools.  We climbed up the rocky terrain to the first jump spot with the aid of our energetic guide.  He was incredibly funny and so helpful and nice.  With my knee still not back to it’s full strength I sat the jumping out, and carefully maneuvered over the rocks to take photos of the rest of our posse’s craziness.  The guide was kind to give me his hand whenever I needed, he was more sure of foot in his bare feet than I was with my Chacos on.  The jumping commenced with a water dunk under the waterfall, then the first jump in a small deep spot maybe 10 feet.  Our guide climbed up to about 30 feet and did a jump into the same pool, CRAZY.  Then we moved down the falls to the bigger and much scarier.  We girls sat this one out and watched the guys commence the madness.  The guides carefully walked them down the front side of the waterfall to a good launching location.  Then once in position you took the leap!  Boys are crazy.  Then we gals got in on a little cave swimming.  Under the waterfall is an open tunnel, much like the old nutty putty cave in Utah that has since been closed off.  But this one there was a large opening under the waterfall.  It kinda felt like the chocolate shell on an ice cream bar after the ice cream had melted leaving this cave to view the water crashing down the side, Beautiful.  We could have spent hours there but we had to head back to the boat.  The poverty of the Jamaican people is something I wasn’t quite prepared for.  While there are some that have beautiful homes many simply can’t afford it.  I was inspired by our guide who at one point pointed to some beautiful homes on the tropical mountain side and said, “Someday I will live in one of those, not right now, but someday.”  His optimism was striking and his positivity was infectious.  I wish I would have taken his photo, for now I will just have to remember his words.  Goodbye Falmouth.Collage-7

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