Grand Cayman was next and by far our most busy day of the trip.  We started it slow, tendering to the shore and looking in a few local shops.  Then we met up with our driver who took us our to our ocean Collage-8adventure.  We got equipped with snorkeling gear, and mounted our jet skis.  The boys took off through the water following our guide who I think had to be going at least 50 MPH over the ocean waves.  We hit sea star beach first, taking a quick look at the huge star fish that are all over the area.  A quick photo then off we went to Sting Ray City.  This is a very shallow sandy area where the manta rays are a plenty.  I was daunted by their sheer size and speed at which they can swim it is incredible to watch.  We each took a turn swimming with the rays, our arms out stretched under their bellies.  Feeding them some fresh squid was like sticking your hand near a vacuum: very powerful suction!  Then a kiss, yes I kissed this crazy, flat, serpent of the sea!  It was slimy and very sweet.  Then ended with a hug, or flap on the back, which again was like slimy massage.  It was incredible!  They were so majestic, and at first a little terrifying as I took in sheer magnitude of these amazingIMG_8727_Fotor_Collage creatures.  They are incredibly smart.  The one we got to hold and kiss was friends with our guide and she would come and find him every time he came to the reef, so sweet.  We couldn’t stay with the rays forever, sadly, and so we were off again to enjoy a little snorkeling in the turquoise, clear waters.  Beautiful coral reefs were ours to take in and enjoy, the water by this point in the day was a little choppy so we boarded our jet skis again and took off back to catch our taxi and head to the boat.  On our way back to the boat we caught the sight of a pirate ship, do you think Captain Jack was aboard?  I sure hope so!

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