Last was Cozumel Mexico, knownIMG_2842 for it’s amazing water.  So we planned to take that all in and filled the day with snorkeling.  We boarded our boat with our fun guide, Fernando.  He was incredibly impressed that 3 out of the 4 of us were fluent in Spanish (I was not one of those 🙁 ).  But regardless it made communication great and I think he liked us better because of it!  We took off across the water headed far from the rest of the tourist filled areas.  The water seamed to fade from light to dark to medium blue, clear water.  It was like jumping into a sapphire ring!  I was blown away.  The sun lit up the depth of the ocean and we saw thousands of fish swimming through coral canyons more than 20 feet deep.  The coral looked like massive IMG_9197 2condominiums bursting from the ocean floor.  For a moment I heard myself playing the JAWS theme in my head and I popped up for air and a reality check as I spotted our guide peacefully skimming over the water, life saver doughnut in tow.  After calming myself and making an agreement not to think of that song again while in the water I delved back in not wanting to miss the next sights.  You see, the current whisks you along so while I thought I would look Collage-9back down again to see the same things each time I went down it was like a new location.  We spotted 2 huge lobsters that I wanted to grab and boil in a pot for dinner, I mean they were massive and used great camouflage to disappear into their coral home.  The sea turtles also gave us a fun show as they glided through the water, acting shy as they moved away from our view.  The time on the boat was also nice, looking out at this body of water was awe inspiring.  I took it in and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be there.  The sun hitting my back and warming me, friends to laugh and make these memories to treasure, feeling the wind as you skiff over the waves, it’s literally amazing.  I know I use that word A LOT but it’s the only thing I can use to describe this experience.  And that was it, our last stop.  We headed back to Florida to rejoin reality, feeling rejuvenated and incredibly grateful. 


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