My Mr. is constantly surprising me.  For a fun date night he look me to see the latest traveling Cirque du Soleil show, KURIOS! After the fun time we had last time, it was fun to head back!  It was like steampunk meets the circus.  We walked into the tent and asked the usher where our seats were, she walked us straight to the front row!  Even My Mr was surprised, he said I knew I got us good seats but not this good.  We settled down and within a few minutes the show was in full swing, the crackling of antique light bulbs lit the stage.  It always takes us a minute to get fully enveloped in the show, you know you have to suspend your reality and get into it.  The show was quirky and imaginative.  The stunts and acrobatics blew out minds, I mean who hurls themselves through the air like that?!  It was a fun night, and another fantastic memory!


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