So a little life is a little empty as of late.  Can I just tell you that from the minute we got back from our Christmas vacation, which actually ended up being a Christmas of illness, so really no vacation.  We have been in hyperdrive.  Things haven’t stopped.  We’ve come and gone, we’ve packed and unpacked, little Mr. has grown and then grown again.  It all seems like a flash and it’s 6 months later.  Wow!  And poor little life blog has sat here waiting and thinking if it would ever get to be used again.  But I didn’t forget and I’m going to try my best to post some current and past events that I have recorded.  I know I have forgotten many, but that’s the beauty of our memories right?  Something will spark a memory and we get to remember and relive it for a second even if it’s not documented we at least lived it.  So here’s a little of our life. Me, My Mr, and my little Mr and never forgetting our sweet companion and .5 member Pax.  Who makes us an even better family by giving us that 3.5 to make us feel a little bigger!  So be prepared for a little more life back on our blog!

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