IMG_0543You know sometimes mom’s gotta let loose.  I have been so blessed to come to Washington and meet some of the most amazing women.  With all the differing opinions and backgrounds the conversation is never boring.  I always find myself inspired and more understanding after a night out with them.  Oh one night recently we got together to let loose.  I had at another get together mentioned that I I wanted to be on Jimmy Fallon and do his lip sync battle as I felt he had NOTHING on me.  This of course was taken as a challenge and another Girls night was planned to, well see if I was actually as confident as I said I was.  Now I’m no dummy I’m not IMG_0541standing up there and performing just me.  So we all hit the candy bar, Thanks Meri for providing, and let the sugar flow.  It also happened to be late and thanks to a lot of encouragement by Melinda we got the party started.  Now I won’t divulge anything further about the night other than that I did perform, and lots of wonderful music was shared and enjoyed by all.  The rest of the details will be locked firmly in the confines of the brave few of us that were there.  It will always be a treasured and amazing memory!  I am so grateful for this wonderful sisterhood who loves me for the weirdo I am and have been (and continue) to be such a wonderful support to me.  Thank you ladies your friendship means more to me than you know. 

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