IMG_9522A quite simple moment, snuggled up on a warm summer’s evening in our hammock, intently staring at our lovely hummingbird feeder. (special housewarming gift from my parents)  You see all my childhood my grandparents had hummingbird feeders out their kitchen window.  Soon there were two and we would sit and look out waiting for a glimpse of these beautiful, tiny, spirited birds.  In my adulthood my parents too have hummingbird feeders hung outside their window.  Now as I wash dishes, or sit in my kitchen at dinner I look out my windows and watch for these birds.  Amazing the memories caused by such a simple thing.  The gentle hum of their wings is soCollage-16 soothing to me, and they buzz quickly by and hovering for an instant perch on the ledge of the feeder.  They take a few seconds at first but now that the feeder has been there a few days they now sit for a minute or so, IMG_9562popping up and down, sipping and listening for a fellow hummingbirds approach.  I amazed by the beautiful colors these littleIMG_9513 birds have, one is green and black and the other a red, orange color enhanced by the setting sun, it’s lovely.  They both have these black and white stripes around their necks giving the look of  colored shirt to there colorful tuxes.  I love our new little visitors, I hope they stay all summer they add such fun to our windows.  A perfect quiet moment, only the click of my shutter and the fluttering of wings.  Oh the summer!

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