WP_20150523_001On a relaxing Saturday morning in our rather, well unkempt back yard, yes it’s a work in progress it’s been neglected for a few years.  Anyway, we looked out our lovely bedroom window, talking and enjoying the fact that our little Mr. was sleeping in.  Soon we noticed a white fuzzy thing in the corner of the yard.  We automatically thought it was another local cat prowling the yard, Spike our neighbors cat is a regular, he’s nice so we don’t really mind their coming and goings and hey they keep down the rodents.  But this was not Spike or the Orange tabby that he buddies around with.  Nope thisWP_20150523_002 was a white spotted fuzzy one, or so we thought!  The one mass melted into two and I yelled to My Mr. “They’re possums!”  Oh dear, I remembered the episode of parks and recreation with the possum, and while not exactly accurate I knew I didn’t want them around.  They scurried around and made themselves at home under our deck for the day, PERFECT, nocturnal animals, grrrrr!  For the remainder of the day they tormented Pax with their very presence (smell mostly).  But with our yard cleaning noise and lack of sustenance, (they’re meat eaters) they must have pack up and headed out under the cover of night.  Thank heavens for that, let’s hope they don’t remember our cozy deck and decided to raise a family there, that would be a nightmare!  Possums beware!

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