In January we needed to escape, we needed to get out.  So we did a quickCollage_Fotor2 VRBO booking and we were off to the coast for a little overnight trip.  We rode the ferry across the sound, Little Mr. first time.  The loved watching the water even in the chilly breeze.  Pax preferred to stay away from the rail at all costs and put up quite a fight when we pulled him a little closer so we could see.  Then it  was on to the driving.  You think it shouldn’t take that long but with the twists and turns of the peninsula we didn’t get to our little place WP_20160131_08_17_09_Pro_LIuntil dark.  Got some shut eye and the lovely people we stayed at left some carrots for little Mr. to feed their horses.  He was timid at first but soon was handing out carrots as quick as he could, and the horses didn’t seem to mind!  Side note: I love the fog as you come through the hills and valleys of the pacific northwest.Collage_Fotor  I love how it gathers in streaks across the roads, yeah probably dangerous at times but geesh there is something beautiful about the way it plays with our view.

We then headed for the beach located on “wolf territory” for all you twilighters.  The WP_20160131_12_33_29_Prowinter seas and storms had filled the beach with massive tree longs, I had to sit on one to show the gravity of this incredible sight.  There are moments where I get to remember that I’m a photographer, or at least I use to be.  My Mr, bless him, likes to remind me and get Collage_Fotor3me to bring out my old SLR and look for the shot, watch for the light, the instant, the memory.  The hike along the beach was amazing and though we probably pushed our little Mr. to the brink of his hiking capabilities and had a breakdown we did it and regardless made a memory and had a good time!  It was quick but you gotta take those moments right?  Especially when you live in a place as beautiful as we do.


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