20160718_162523These lovely flowers are from the hydrangea bushes I planted, and didn’t kill,this year.

My life is full of things, I’m sure yours is too, and my little blog which I love and love to post on is well, desolate, empty and neglected.  I know in a world of the quick posts on facebook and instagram, blogs are kinda a bother.  I mean you have to go off the social networking page just to read ughhhh what a hassle :).  And yep you just saw me use an emoji which is so crazy even for me to think about but apparently you gotta get with the times.  But I’m going to work back and share some of our past adventures and some current ones with you because I still love my little space as neglected as it is and I hope you lovely internet people will take a second and travel to our little spot to share our life with us.

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