So I grew up in a gardening family, and one that required organization as well as weeding.  My dadPhototasticCollage-2016-07-18-20-18-03 has a big problem with us north westerners when it comes to wood.  He doesn’t know why we insist on making so many things out of wood when we get so much rain that destroys wood.  (i.e our fences, grow boxes, decks, he thinks it’s madness 🙂 ) So when it came to putting in grow boxes he refused to let us put money into wood ones.  He designed some grow boxes that are similar to the ones at his home and with my request to have them taper with the lawn we came up with something I approved of, yes I’m picky.  With that we set about our crazy project.

First came the tilling and pulling out all of the millions of roots.  Then the guys built the frame, lot of wood and screws which made our little Mr extra happy!  He loves power tools!  Once that was built began the mixing and laying of concrete.  PhototasticCollage-2016-07-18-19-56-50Yep we learned how to do that too, and now proud owners of a cement mixer, so if you need one please let us know as we have one.  My Dad worked tirelessly for 2 days to get it smoothed perfect.  My Mr meanwhile mixed all the concrete and poured it for him. Oh these men of mine I tell you.  Once we let the concrete cure my Dad set about teaching me basic masonry.  The proper thickness to make the mortar and then how much to use on each brick to ensure security.  This I soon learned would be my job, geesh no pressure.  I would get them all placed and mortared in then tell My Mr. which blocks to cut for a perfect fit.  It was a little more intricate due to the taper of the boxes, my fault so my problem.  You know working on projects can be really stressful but we have wonderful memories working togetherPhototasticCollage-2016-07-18-19-51-15.  In hard times I always think, “well if we can install cement grow boxes why can’t we do this?”  Yeah ok we’re crazy.  On the last day we worked by head lamp into the night to get them done, not wanting to come out and dry my hands out anymore with mortar.  We were desperate to be done.  Of course with two engineers heading this project they made sure that a custom sprinkler system for the boxes was put in to make for easy maintenance.  My track record and remembering to water a garden is not very good so luckily these can water themselves, which will prevent me from killing our plants, again:).  They looked great and this year we actually got to use them for our garden.  Perfection!


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