Collage_FotorI have been reminiscing about the summer as this year it seems to be delayed.  Don’t get me wrong I love our rainy northwest weather but don’t we all just look forward to summer a little bit?  Upon reflection I remembered a year ago when we had My Mr’s brother and his family up.  Their fun kids are all so grown up, and it’s crazyCollage_Fotor2
to me to think how big they are.  We were excited to take them crabbing and while it was the only trip on record that we caught no keepers it was still a blast to spend time with them and let our little Mr. enjoy his fun cousins.  He was pretty in love with them and when they went home he IMG_9659wasn’t too pleased with how boring Mom and Dad are.  The boys posed on the rocks making a few attempts to mimic the karate kid crane move, pretty good right?  They indulged us and helped us pick blueberries to freeze; ok we ate a fewCollage_Fotor3 fresh too but we still made a haul with their help and made quick work of it.  Going back to our place and making blueberry shakes, yummy!  There is nothing like family and we simply loved having them, hope they will come up again and we will make up for that terrible crabbing fiasco!

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