WP_20150709_22_20_23_Pro 1I have to take a moment and relive last summer when WICKED came to Seattle.  My Mr. bought us tickets and surprised me.  I am an avid fan of the music from this show.  I have been known to lipsync specific number for friends (you know who you are).  Anyway I was so excited to go and finally see the play that goes along with the show and how they make the story working instead of me trying to imagine how I would do it. My Mr. got us a few treats to share and we joined the throngs of people.  More than the show which was great,WP_20150709_21_02_51_Pro for me it was practically a sing-a-long.  I knew all the words and even amazing my Mr, no I wasn’t the annoying neighbor who sang the whole time but I lightly mouthed most of it, I can’t help it.  You just have to sing a long right.  Oh what a fun memory with me and my man!

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