Ok, so here’s the deal.  In Washington for some reason very few people use the doorbell.  Now this could also be that people are trying to be courteous and not wake my son if he isbell napping, and thanks for that.  But that being said there are times when clearly he is awake and people still knock.  This is problematic in our lovely new home as it is pretty hard to hear due to the doors location in relation to the most used rooms of our home.  Now if you were my little Mr, he is very efficient, he not only rings the bell, I mean it’s a two years old he has to push any button at any time, and then knocks and he may even call aloud “Hellooo?”.  Bases covered buddy.  But this is not the case when others come to visit us typically.  So what should I do?  Do I put up a massive arrow above the doorbell?  A sign to use the doorbell?  Do I go all fancy and get a door knocker?  (I kinda want to do this as I love little details like that.)  Or just forget it and say whatev’s?  “Text me if you want to enter my domain.”  There is a 50/50 shot I hear my phone but heck those are better odds then taping on the door.  Is this really all a clever ruse that “hey we tried to stop by but tapped on your door and you didn’t answer?”  Maybe I’m not getting the hint.  But what’s the solution folks?  What should I do, what would you do?  Or do you even care?  I’m throwing this out there lovelies.  Because in the 4 years I have lived here this is my experience regardless of location.  I’m happy to share my findings on the topic and update you with my solution because I won’t be satisfied til I work this out, your welcome by the way!  There you have it, what goes on in the crazy I call my mind, enjoy!

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One thought on “To Ring or not to Ring; Trouble in Door’dom

  1. That is really funny! People here in Oklahoma knock loudly AND ring the door bell. I’ve been debating whether I should put a sign on the door that says “knock softly please”. HAHAHA!

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