This Man, My Mr.  It’s difficult to convey the depthsIMG_0329 of my feelings for him.  His spirit, his tenacity, steadfastness.  He is a jack of all trades and willing to try anything, live life to the max and take me a long for the incredible ride.  A causal t-shirt wearing, outdoorsmen, who can’t stand being indoors no matter the weather.   Though I think he finds this a fault he is sensitive, thoughtful, not what is most often used as a characteristic of manliness but to me this is the great distinction of his character as a man, what sets him apart and makes him the greatest friend and companion.  I have been the great beneficiary of his tender heart and intuitive spirit.  He brings joy, passion and zeal to our home.  He’s an incredible father, and Priesthood example, I hope our son can learn to emulate it.  He loves the Lord, and unquestionably serves him.

IMG_9826To say that I love him isn’t enough, and I know that cheesy line will embarrass him enough.  But I am grateful for him.  I am blessed that he decided to link his life to mine.  Happy Birthday Babe, you make my life complete.  I love you.

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