RossI have one brother, one in the whole wide world, my only sibling, one.  Today is the day he was born, 5 and a half years before me.  All growing up it was me and him.  I never disliked him, or really remember having any massive fights even.  He was so patient and kind with me, letting me clip lego’s in his hair, sharing his legos (which you know was a major sacrifice for a big brother.)  He was a pretty great older brother.  And I’m going to take a second to brag about this really amazing guy.  

He has always had this smile that radiated happiness, it’s the best smile in the world!  And his laugh, it’s the most genuine laugh and his whole face and eyes fill with this indescribable joy.  You can just feel it, he just radiates it.  I think it’s something that attracts everyone who is lucky enough to call him their friend.  There is truly something special about this brother of mine.  He’s not made from the same cloth as everyone else, there really is something unique about him and you can only feel it when he’s around.  He can make anyone feel at ease and finds real interest in everyone he talks to.  No I’m not saying he’s perfect but gosh I have to admit I love that about him too.  Even in his imperfections he’s got heart and he’s teachable, always trying.  He is a true definition of a continually courageous man.

I know he has a family of his own and a wonderful companion who is so lucky to have him, yes and vice versa.  But there is always part of him that I feel is mine.  He was my guy first.  The one I looked up to, the one I am proud to say is my big brother, the one who to this day emulates to me the love my Savior must have for me.  What a blessing for me to be able to look at the divine love my earthly brother has always given me and wonder how would the Savior love me more than that?  I know it’s possible, but gosh my brother set the bar really high.  He really is that great.  And I love him, and I know I don’t tell him enough but gosh I do.  

I only have one, just him and I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have him.  Happy Birthday to You, big brother, you will and have always stood as an example in my life, and made me the better for it.  I love you.

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