Most people for their birthdays prefer to celebrate by doing something relaxing, you know dinner, maybe a massage.  But not my Mr., “Oh No” He want’s to beat the crap out of himself and climb Utah county’s highest mountain.  I having done this before committed, earlier this year, to do it with him.  However with the Evil knee in retreat and having had no problems for a little while I was hesitant to provoke another attack.  So not wanting him to loose his dream of hiking this insane mountain range he got two friends to accompany him on his trek.  They began hiking at 5 AM (CRAZY) and reached the top by Noon, they made good time!  Reaching the top they were exhausted and but phoned home to share in the victory.  Then it was only logical to slide down the glacier, that way the wouldn’t have to use their exhausted legs, instead there butts would take a beating.  They made it home by 4PM ready to be nursed by waiting spouses, blisters, raw patches, and dirt & grime.  But they did it.  My Mr. laid down and I wasn’t sure he would be able to get back up.  He was completely exhausted but completely Happy!  That’s my man, Enjoying a total body beating, the best way to celebrate your birthday!

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