Photo by Cheryl Fowers

I think I really like this July 4th being on a Sunday thing!  I mean it spreads the holiday out and we get to enjoy 3 days of Holiday-ness I mean how awesome it that!

So the third was spend motor biking around town and taking in the sights, all the things that Provo had to offer on this lovely July weekend, I mean even the temperature was perfect!  My Mr. and I enjoyed the farmers market and then it was off to the festivities down town.  Center Street was turned into a mecca of activities with booths, activities, entertainment, and crafts and mean it had everything.  Of course we had to hit the fancy car show down one of the streets, My Mr. being a mechanic in his spare time, when we very first started dating he broken the engine of his truck down to the block and rebuilt it just to fix a problem, yes he is amazing!  So cars are a fun thing for him to check out.  Then it was off to enjoy the booths and even a little juggling from a local pair of jugglers.  Then to my horror My Mr. tried to get me to touch a massive python, but sorry that just didn’t happen, I got close, but I was not touching it! (definitely no photo of that).

Photo by Cheryl FowersThen it was home to get ready for the evening event!  Stadium of Fire, duh – – duh duh.  (cheesiest theme song ever) where we watched from out traditional seats!  Jenny Oaks Baker enchanted us with some lovely, festive music on her violin, and the Osmond second generationPhoto by Cheryl Fowers butchered more good songs with there unbearable renditions, but we got through it.  Then of course there were the stadium of fire dancers, I refer to them at the bees (yes I was a stadium dancer twice) mostly I call them that because every year they always give those poor girls wing like Photo by Cheryl Fowersthings to dance with.

Then is was on to the MAIN EVENT where Ms. Carrie Underwood herself would be performing!  I’m not a huge fan ofPhoto by Cheryl Fowers county but I like Carries stuff. She sang; Cowboy Casanova, Last Name, then a couple of ballads for the soldiers; Just a dream & Temporary Home, then Jesus take the wheel, a nice rendition of How great thou Art and ended with Before He Cheats! It was an awesome set and My Mr. and I got nice and close to get some great photos( as you can see)!  Look at her wail into that mic, she did an awesome job!

Photo by Cheryl Fowers

Then of course it was firework time!  Enjoying the sky view of the amazing bursts of light, a perfect way to round out the evening. It was an awesome day.  And to think that we get a couple more days of this, I’m going to be exhausted!

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